Home MAintenance & REmodeling


Minnesota can show us the good, bad and ugly when it comes to maintaining our yards.  With each season we are prepared to help you maintain the exterior of your home from inspecting windows and screens to ensure all is in good working order, performing repairs to siding, deck windows and roof.  We can clean and touch up the exterior after each season and in the event of bad weather.  With each season we can also assist in mowing, shoveling and or clearing your driveway to ensure your freedom to safely get where you need to be. 



We know that maintaining your home will help to prevent costly repairs.  On an agreed upon schedule we will help you by reviewing plumbing for leaks, perform minor repairs, touch up wood and walls and complete a comprehensive checklist to help maintain the pride in your home. In the event larger repairs or remodeling is required; we are a licensed contractor that can manage and complete the work til it is complete.

24 hour 

Not all things go according to a plan and schedule.  If and when there is a need, we are an extension of your family that can be called 24 hours to help troubleshoot and address issues that may occur with your home.   We can be there to determine if a quick fix is possible or if we need to call in the experts.  We will stick with you till any issue is resolved.    

Kline Family Caretaking